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Agatti Island in Lakshadweep captivates with its pristine allure. Azure waters gently embrace the ivory shores, reflecting the vibrant coral life beneath. Coconut palms sway in harmony with the gentle sea breeze, creating a tropical symphony. The coral reefs paint an underwater masterpiece, while golden sunsets cast a mesmerizing glow, transforming Agatti into a tranquil paradise for those seeking nature’s exquisite canvas.


Upon landing at Agatti airport, our staff extends a warm welcome, accompanied by refreshing welcome drinks at the resort. Following lunch and a rejuvenating break, embrace relaxation. In the evening, immerse yourself in the natural wonders.

Cottages flanking either side reveal

breathtaking beaches with pristine, crystalline waters, inviting exploration. Spend quality time with loved ones, surrounded by nature’s embrace, relishing the serene atmosphere until the enchanting sunset.

Dive into aquatic adventures on Agatti Island. Following breakfast, indulge in a spectrum of water sports and scuba diving at the Dive Center. Optionally, explore Kalpitty Island for shipwreck snorkeling (additional cost). Enjoy an exclusive lunch at the resort, then seize the afternoon to capture memorable moments and relish the resort’s surroundings. Note that visiting Bangaram Island directly is restricted. Immerse yourself in the island’s allure, making Day 2 a water-filled escapade in the lap of nature

A harmonious blend of culture and nature awaits. Morning exploration immerses you in the local culture, from lively markets to interactions with amicable islanders. Relish the island’s culinary delights during a gratifying lunch. In the afternoon, venture to the boat jetty for an excursion to Kalpitti Island. The boat journey unfolds a mesmerizing marine world, offering chances for turtle watching and glimpses of diverse aquatic life. It’s a thrilling experience in the serene waters, making Day 3 a perfect fusion of cultural immersion and nature’s wonders.

Savor a delightful breakfast, crafting enduring memories in this tiny paradise. Subsequently, be chauffeured to the airport. Cherish these moments as you bid farewell to this tranquil haven, carrying the essence of the serene paradise with you—a cherished memory destined to last a lifetime

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Price | INR 29,886

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